Back In the Saddle, Again!

Been on a 3 month hiatus. I've been very bad. I know it's no excuse, but this was my first time to experience the glooms of running through the ugly rainy months and well frankly, I suck at it! After running the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in December, I was over the cold weather. Couldn't seem to get my brown bootay out of my flannel sheets and onto the pavement. Yup, I caved but now I'm back. Out of hibernation and it feels really good! 

Weather has been super gorgeous these past few days and it just has inspired me to get out there! I finally put on my running shoes for actual running and hit the roads. I got my ass kicked, really bad. Only did 2.5 miles, but I know that eventually I'll build up my endurance once again. 

Upcoming races that I plan on doing is the 12K Rocklin Run in April and the Cowtown Half Marathon, err I mean Urban Cowtown in October. They had to change its name because in Forth Worth, Texas  there was a race with the same name. 

I'm trying to stick to local races as last year just kinda burnt me out with the traveling out of town and money spent on driving and staying at hotels for races. Plus, I'm finding that the local races are more reasonable in price, too! Can't beat that! 

So what have I been up to? Absolutely nothing. Discovered some really good foods though. My latest obsession: Kellog's Cinammon Pecan cereal. Oooh Yeah. It totally reminds me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I just love it!