A Hot Day with a Refreshing Snack!

Today's weather high was 90 degrees!!! It's only 4 days into May and we are already at 90 degrees--crazy! I'm wondering if these are signs of us going to have a sweltering heated summer. 

Today, I spent the early afternoon with the BFF. She was craving sushi and I couldn't say no! Plus, I wanted to try out some DavePops at our local farmer's market. 

They are nothing like the icy popsicles that you buy at the grocery store. The texture is smoothie like--thick and creamy, which I later found out is how they are actually made--just like a smoothie! Oh, and they are not bad in the nutrition department. About 100 calories per pop and they are made of whole fruits, juices, and some are made with soy or nut milks. I saw that some are made with soda drinks and energy drinks, but I didn't try those out at all. A Red bull pop doesn't sound appealing.

Taste of Summer.

It already feels like summer is here on the west coast. The weather has been nothing but gorgeous. All I have to say, is keep the sun shining! 

Last night's dinner was some yummy chicken with asparagus and mushroom stir fry compliments of Mr. Dubyah. I always tease him that since his ethnicity is Chinese that he makes the BEST stir fry ever. Hah!

 We indulged after dinner and went out for some family ice cream at a local creamery called, Leatherby's. I just wanted a scoop of my favorite flavor, toasted almond. 

Even Maddie got in on some family ice cream. We bought her favorite peanut butter and banana ice cream cup. It's an organic dog ice cream called Yoghound.  

She always seems to know when we buy it that it's her "special" treat. I love that! I can tell that she loves it because usually when a dog passes by, she'll try and greet them, but when she's busy licking away on her ice cream, she pays no attention to them. Oh Maddie, you are so funny!!!


A Relaxing Weekend

I had a very relaxing weekend this past weekend. I got to spend the day with some of my closest girlfriends, aka, "PLC" (Puma Love Club) at the spa and then have a very indulgent dinner at Tyler Florence's restaurant, Wayfare Tavern

One thing we wished we did was have earlier appointments so that we could use the amenities much much longer. So, what do we do? We plan for our next spa day in a month!

We spent majority of our day at Burke Williams Spa in San Francisco. Its located inside the mall which is a girl's dream to be in a spa surrounded by all sorts of stores.

They think of everything to have from the facial moisturizer, makeup remover, to the curling and flat irons and hairdryers. You really don't have to bring anything from home except your swimsuit and change of clothes. 

Dinner was pretty exciting as we were hoping and praying that Mr. Ultimate himself would show. Unfortunately, he was a no show as he recently opened two other restaurants. One in Mill Valley and the other in Napa and so his time is split up between all three restaurants. Boo. 

The husband surprised all of us by purchasing a bottle of some yummy Prosecco in celebration of our friend's upcoming nuptials and birthday. Awwwww :)I was a very proud wifey, needless to say.

The food was good, but to be honest, I wasn't blow away by it. I did enjoy my 48 hour cooked pot roast and the fresh green peas that were sprinkled about. Look how ginormous those green peas are!