Exploring A Different Side to Eating.....

Lately, I've been into cooking up vegetarian dishes. There's something about how my body and mind feels after eating a vegetarian meal and I love it. 

I'm not saying gone are the days of me enjoying a big juicy steak.  I do love me a big hunk of meat.

 But these days, I'm just trying to adjust my lifestyle to where I incorporate more vegetables and fish into my lifestyle. I'm trying so hard that I even committed myself to a Vegetarian Cookbook.

So far,  from the book, I've made Saag Peaneer. 

and Roasted Chickepea Tacos.


Oh, and I can't seem to break away from these yummy roasted green bean fries. They are so addicting! 
So far,  I'm enjoying the vegetarian recipes. They are super easy to put together and not to mention, so fast! Personally, I think my favorite out of the twoso far is the chickpea taco's. 

Mr. Dubyah isn't missing the meat....yet. He says he feels pleasantly full but I do think he compensates the healthy vegetarian meal by indulging in a bowl of ice cream.