Free Run

The Sacramento Fleet Feet "free" run last night was awesome. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I arrived. Was I going to meet an empty store? It was already 5:30 pm when I parked a couple blocks away. The run was set to start at 5:30 pm.

Upset that I left my fuel belt at home as I realized when locking my car that I was going to have to run with a set of janitorial keys. F.

When me and fast girl arrived, people were just signing in. Woohoo, we weren't late! Also, they provided a shoe box which we could dump our keys and such and they were later going to lock it up. Love you Fleet Feet!

As soon as everyone signed in, one by one we went out the door and boom we were hitting the pavement. No time to stretch. Just go! Hah. A little bit caught off guard by that. Ofcourse, Fast Girl takes off immediately and I don't see her throughout the entire run. Luckily, my friend (picture with the glass) who wants to get into running ran with me. I enjoyed it as I actually increased my pace while running with her. Interesting. Very, Very interesting.

The run alone was awesome. Awesome because the weather was perfect. Awesome because it was through a nice neighborhood and a nice park that had dirt mixed with sand on the trails. I just love hearing the crunch with every step.

Throughout the run we saw couple of groups partaking in yoga. Need to find more info about that. Yoga outside sounds like fun! Also saw another group that had its own tent that said, " Total Body Fitness." This park was seriously a fitness park for sure. Kinda inspiring to keep up with the fitness as you see everyone around you active.

Ended the night by having the most fabulous fish tacos at Zocolo's with the hubs. It was truly a great night!

Burr, it's cold. Well, not really.

I am so loving the weather these past couple of days. Usually, I'm a strong advocate for the sun and all its glory. But, since I've taken up training for two half marathons this Spring and Summer, my true love for the hot sun has demised.

I dreaded hearing the alarm clock in the dark AM and wanted so badly to stay in the covers and keep dreaming. Oh, I hated it. I really hated it. So, when I heard the weather man say that it's going to get cooler this week, I was praising to the cloud Gods up above.

Yesterday, I went out for a 5 mile run around the good ole' neighborhood. A bit windy, but heck, it was 60 something degrees and 4 in the afternoon and I didn't really care. It's been a long time since I had the opportunity to run at 4 in the afternoon. Usually, in Sacramento, 4pm is scorching hot and is really unheard of to be out and about running on the hot pavement.

Today, it's projected to be in the 60's all day and get this.... it's freakin' hazy and grey!!! I loooove it!!!! It's like I'm living in the bay area!

I plan on trying something for the first time this evening with a couple of friends. Fleet Feet of Sacramento puts on runs that are free on Tuesdays and Sundays. My friend, who is interested in getting into running, has been wanting to check it out ever since she heard about these free runs. I decided to join her because it's in one of my favorite places, midtown Sacramento, where the houses are gorgeous. There's a reason why a part of midtown is called the Fab 40's. There's a section of houses that were made in the 1940's that are huge, charming and gorgeous mansions. Ronald Reagan, when he was governor of California resided in one of the houses there. I've included a picture of the house him and Nancy lived in.

Random Shennanigans. This post makes no sense!

Bought 2 new pairs of running socks the other day. I keep losing my running socks and am starting to think I should start a running sock only drawer.Do any of you guys have a drawer dedicated to your running gear only?

I have been running with two pairs of running socks because I've just been too cheap to purchase them. Dude, they are like $9 for one pair! I could get a cool color of an OPI nail polish for that amount. You totally understand where I'm coming from, right? Right?

My socks have to be thin. I hate the thick socks. Don't like my feet feeling stuffy. Oh, and they must, must, must be below the ankle. The husband just couldn't understand why I wouldn't purchase a pair of above the ankle running socks that were on sale. I just couldn't do it. I saw his thought process with the sale and all, but I just couldn't do it. One needs to feel good in their clothes in order to run good, yes? It's all about feeling the zen moment.

OMG. The Best Luna Bar Flavor.
Grabbed a sample Luna Bar at the 5K race. The flavor was Lemon Zest. Should have grabbed a handful as I just tasted this flavor for the very first time and Oh. My. Gawd. It was that good. Just smelling it alone enticed my senses. Why didn't I try these before? Has any of you already tried this flavor?

Sandwich Thins.
Ever since seeing this on NHerShoes, I just had to try them. Was intrigued with them. She made them look so freakin appetizing especially when she toasted them, put peanut butter, sliced bananas and drizzled honey. Now, I'm hooked. I like how it's not so bready and it's only 100 calories. Makes an excellent choice for breakfast, especially an egg and turkey bacon sandwich, or a regular sandwich. Dying to try it with a hamburger patty.

Oh Yeah, that 10 miler.

So, as silly as this may sound to the veteran runners, I have been putting off running 10 miles for awhile. I was comfortable with the usual 8. 8 was cool. Not too long, not too short. Plus, in Chinese culture, the number 8 is guarded as a lucky number, yes? So, let's all roll with 8.

But, I knew since my Nike Women's 1/2 was fast approaching (Hello T Minus 27 days!) I finally got over my lame excuses and put in a 10 mile last week. I ain't gonna lie. It was grueling and made me question, why again do I enjoy running? Left at 0715 and came back at 0943--WTF? Was I glad to see my precious green front door? Yes. Was I glad to see my puppy dog greet me with so much excitedness? Hell Yeah. I was celebrating with her my return home.

Later that day, however, my feet were killing me. I could barely walk. Decided to soak them in some Epsom salt. But, that really didn't help. I had work the next day and oh, Lord, I had the ER and it didn't help that we were busy like crazy! So, I did what any normal person would do, I called in sick the following day. I know, lame, right? But, I just wanted to rest my feet. They were on fire. What the hell did I just do to myself?

I'm better now. But, I dread my long runs now for fear that my feet are going to react the way it did on my first 10 miler.

I'm still alive!

My apologies for the severe drop in blogging. Work has taken over my life these days. Making me feel so "bleh" lately. Like I've said before, working night shifts makes it harder for me to train. Just when I'm thinking that I'm going to run on a certain day in the AM, I find myself extremely tired when it's time for me to wake up. Ugh. Nigh shifts. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

This past weekend, I ran my very first 5K. It was the Race for Her at UC Davis Medical Center. I ran it with my EG girls whom I'm so happy to have friends that enjoy doing athletic activities. It helps to have friends who share the same likes as you. Makes the event more fun, I think.

In my college/sorority days, I would normally participate in these events by walking. So, really, there was no pressure on me. But, this time around, I found myself feeling nervous and anxious and I honestly, have no idea why. Is this a normal feeling?

The race started at an odd time of 5:30 pm. Let me tell you. I was a lazy bum all day. Slept pretty much and had no idea what time I should eat lunch. I didn't want to too early, nor did I want to eat too late and have stomach problems.

We all followed Bernbaby into the group of runners and why did she pick to be up front where all the elite runners were at? Her response: I've never been in the front!

As they were counting down, my heart started beating fast, my palms started to sweat and I pretty much felt all the adrenaline building up especially watching people around me jump up and down and move around alot.

I knew, after reading all of your blogs to NOT take off on a fast start. I knew it. I knew it, dammit! What did I do? I took off at an extremely fast pace for myself and burned myself out pretty darn quick. F. My throat was on fire and later that evening I was coughing as if I was having some kind of asthma excacerbation. WTF?

The race shirt was pretty swell. New Balance Dri Fit. I wasn't expecting anything as fancy as this, but hey, I'll take it!

The goody bag was pretty cool, too! It was stocked full of little snacks like almonds, lara bar cherry pie filling, chapsticks, a spongy keychain (anyone want it?) , Go Girl Aloe Vera flavor, chocolate chip granola bar and bare naked granola.

I ended finishing #206, pace sucked at 13:00 and I finished within 41 minutes. My EG girls, however, paced at 10:00 and finished within 31 minutes. Oh but wait, a 54 y/0 man who was a member of the Fleet Feet team finished within 16 minutes. Talk about awesome! Dam.