Free Run

The Sacramento Fleet Feet "free" run last night was awesome. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I arrived. Was I going to meet an empty store? It was already 5:30 pm when I parked a couple blocks away. The run was set to start at 5:30 pm.

Upset that I left my fuel belt at home as I realized when locking my car that I was going to have to run with a set of janitorial keys. F.

When me and fast girl arrived, people were just signing in. Woohoo, we weren't late! Also, they provided a shoe box which we could dump our keys and such and they were later going to lock it up. Love you Fleet Feet!

As soon as everyone signed in, one by one we went out the door and boom we were hitting the pavement. No time to stretch. Just go! Hah. A little bit caught off guard by that. Ofcourse, Fast Girl takes off immediately and I don't see her throughout the entire run. Luckily, my friend (picture with the glass) who wants to get into running ran with me. I enjoyed it as I actually increased my pace while running with her. Interesting. Very, Very interesting.

The run alone was awesome. Awesome because the weather was perfect. Awesome because it was through a nice neighborhood and a nice park that had dirt mixed with sand on the trails. I just love hearing the crunch with every step.

Throughout the run we saw couple of groups partaking in yoga. Need to find more info about that. Yoga outside sounds like fun! Also saw another group that had its own tent that said, " Total Body Fitness." This park was seriously a fitness park for sure. Kinda inspiring to keep up with the fitness as you see everyone around you active.

Ended the night by having the most fabulous fish tacos at Zocolo's with the hubs. It was truly a great night!


Jesse said...

I wish that the midwest had enough active people that stores would hold "free" runs. Unfortunately, most people here would rather sit on their butt than go outside.
Sounds like you had a good time!

Glenn Jones said...

Sounds like fun!

joyRuN said...

I love group runs! It's such a welcome change from the usual alone time.

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