I'm still alive!

My apologies for the severe drop in blogging. Work has taken over my life these days. Making me feel so "bleh" lately. Like I've said before, working night shifts makes it harder for me to train. Just when I'm thinking that I'm going to run on a certain day in the AM, I find myself extremely tired when it's time for me to wake up. Ugh. Nigh shifts. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

This past weekend, I ran my very first 5K. It was the Race for Her at UC Davis Medical Center. I ran it with my EG girls whom I'm so happy to have friends that enjoy doing athletic activities. It helps to have friends who share the same likes as you. Makes the event more fun, I think.

In my college/sorority days, I would normally participate in these events by walking. So, really, there was no pressure on me. But, this time around, I found myself feeling nervous and anxious and I honestly, have no idea why. Is this a normal feeling?

The race started at an odd time of 5:30 pm. Let me tell you. I was a lazy bum all day. Slept pretty much and had no idea what time I should eat lunch. I didn't want to too early, nor did I want to eat too late and have stomach problems.

We all followed Bernbaby into the group of runners and why did she pick to be up front where all the elite runners were at? Her response: I've never been in the front!

As they were counting down, my heart started beating fast, my palms started to sweat and I pretty much felt all the adrenaline building up especially watching people around me jump up and down and move around alot.

I knew, after reading all of your blogs to NOT take off on a fast start. I knew it. I knew it, dammit! What did I do? I took off at an extremely fast pace for myself and burned myself out pretty darn quick. F. My throat was on fire and later that evening I was coughing as if I was having some kind of asthma excacerbation. WTF?

The race shirt was pretty swell. New Balance Dri Fit. I wasn't expecting anything as fancy as this, but hey, I'll take it!

The goody bag was pretty cool, too! It was stocked full of little snacks like almonds, lara bar cherry pie filling, chapsticks, a spongy keychain (anyone want it?) , Go Girl Aloe Vera flavor, chocolate chip granola bar and bare naked granola.

I ended finishing #206, pace sucked at 13:00 and I finished within 41 minutes. My EG girls, however, paced at 10:00 and finished within 31 minutes. Oh but wait, a 54 y/0 man who was a member of the Fleet Feet team finished within 16 minutes. Talk about awesome! Dam.


Nurse Becky said...

Great to have you back! I was extremely nervous at my first race. And don't feel bad, you and I are about even when it comes to running times. I can't tell you inf the nervousness ever goes away, I've only done the one race.

But, you're doing awesome girl. I wished we lived near eachother. We're both nurses & would be cool to train together.

Good luck with work!

Stacy said...

Thanks Becky! It was just weird to feel nervous about a race as if I was going to do a speech afterwards or something. I'm not a RN though, but I'm a Respiratory Therapist. Love working with RN's though. We always have good times :D

Megan said...

Good job on your race! I commend you. How did the Aloe Vera flavored Go Girl taste? I'm super curious.

Stacy said...

Yeah, I didn't realize it was Aloe Vera flavored until I was talking about it to my friend as I was drinking it. It tasted like nothing; just carbonated soda. I probably would drink it again as it didn't have that juice flavor that normal energy drinks have. Those kinds usually give me stomach problems. But, then again, I have no clue what Aloe Vera is suppose to taste like. The thought of it sounds gross, huh?

joyRuN said...

I completely know what you mean about night shift.

Nice goody bag and I LOVE that shirt!

Congrats on your first 5k :)

The Laminator said...

You're so funny...freaking out about a 5K like that, although I too ran my first 5K ever earlier this year, so I really shouldn't be talking. I was such a nervous wreck that I almost threw up BEFORE the race. Haha!

Anyway, thanks for your comment on my race report. I can't believe you compare my chasing my rabbit to a vampire attacking humans though. I didn't know whether I should be impressed or insulted. Haha!

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