California State Fair

I have been running, but nothing really to document about. I also have been pigging out like crazy!

The hubs and I try to attend the California State fair each year. Its been a tradition since we started dating 11 years ago. I think, the entire time we've been together, we only missed one year. Not too bad, yes?

I think over time, we've unconsciously developed a nack for eating the same things every year. One is hands down, having a buttery ear of corn and a jumbo corn dog. However, I, have started to get rebellious and a bit more daring.

Last year, I ate a fried snicker bar and that was just bleh.

This year, I had an inkling to try the fried smore. I love smores, so I really thought it was going to be absolutely delicious! In my mind, I was picturing two graham crackers, melted chocolate and oozing marshmellow goodness falling out as soon as I cracked that beautiy open.

The gooeyness of the chocolate and marshmellow was there, yes, but the graham crackers and deliciousness wasn't. There were just mere crumbs of graham crackers and the rest was fried batter, which made for an absolute mess and disgusting taste.

I have to tell you that prior to purchasing the fried smore, I did endulge in some berry forest gelato. I don't know why I got it. I wasn't even feeling it, but when I saw the BFF and her baby daddy have one in their hand, I just had to get one.

These zuchhini curl were just nasty. Too. Much. Grease. Was not worth $8. Heck, a zuchhini doesn't even cost that much. WTH?

Had my traditional jumbo corn dog. But, my friend was feeling frisky and got a SUPER corn dog. It was 10 inches long and he finished it way before I was even halfway done with mine's.

Ever since tasting these bad boys last year, I knew this had to be on our list for years to come. I just love their cinnamon rolls. Wished that I had a cup of joe to go with it.

We had a great time at the fair. Amazingly, I didn't waddle out of the fair. I can't wait for it to come by next year!

A Movie Must See!

So excited to open up my mailbox and see that I received the movie, The Spirit of the Marathon today. Knowing that I had a couple of hours before it was time to be a good wifey and cook dinner, I popped that baby in the dvd player and hit play.

Why was I smiling the entire time I was watching the movie? I caught myself just grinning from ear to ear. At times, too, I was crying in happiness for the runners.

Everything about this movie was inspiring. I loved some of the quotes that some of the runners said. One being, " The challenges you face can sometimes define who you are." So true, yes? It got me thinking of more disciplined I should be. How I should challenge myself even more during times when I just want to be a "wogger." {walker-runner}

I enjoyed seeing an elder man run and run with his daughter. How intimate is that to be able to share an event as challenging as a full marathon with your father? Most of all, how incredible to still be running at his age??? Awesome!!!!

In other news, I signed up for my second 1/2 marathon for the year. I will be participating in the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Las Vegas on December 6th. Woohoo, Vegas here I come!

Emotional Run

I finally was able to get out there and pound the pavement this AM. Seems like ages since I've been able to get outside to run. Working night shifts definitely interferes with workout activities. Yes, I can go to the gym, but where's the fun in that?

This morning's run was quite emotional for me. I was trying to get my legs to warm up. Trying to normalize my breathing pattern. Trying to just fine my "spot" of autopilot. Then, the song came on. One that I forgot I uploaded onto my running playlist.

I Run for Life by Melissa Etheridge.

It's when this song came on that I mentally checked out. I was just running and thinking of all of my close friends and family that have been struck by cancer. Tears started to run down my cheeks, pain in my chest started to uproar, and well, I was just running and running.

I was inspired. Motivated. Driven. Passionate. Strong.

I started to think of my father who was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2005. Fortunately, it was in its early stages and he was able to rid of it. But, till this day, he wears the yellow band around his wrist, Live Strong, to remind himself of the vulnerability all of us felt when the doctor mouthed the words, " You have cancer."

I started to think of my best friend who recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and is currently undergoing treatment to rid of the small cells the doctors weren't able to get to.

I started to think of my sister in law who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a uni-masectomy.

I started to think of my father in law who was diagnosed with bladder cancer to which all of us hold our breaths when something significant happens such as bleeding or pain.

The Women's Nike Half Marathon is coming up in just a couple of months. The cause is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's lifesaving cancer research. I am completely inspired {even moreso} to run this race for my close friends and family and to those that have been affected by this ferocious disease. You really cannot grasp the power it has on your emotions until you or your loved one has been stricken by it. I know, I wasn't prepared for the mental and physical emotions that came with it when we got my father's test results back.

So, with all that said, I definitely will be putting this song in areas where I think I need to strength to continue on when I feel as though I just can't go any further. Live Strong!