A Movie Must See!

So excited to open up my mailbox and see that I received the movie, The Spirit of the Marathon today. Knowing that I had a couple of hours before it was time to be a good wifey and cook dinner, I popped that baby in the dvd player and hit play.

Why was I smiling the entire time I was watching the movie? I caught myself just grinning from ear to ear. At times, too, I was crying in happiness for the runners.

Everything about this movie was inspiring. I loved some of the quotes that some of the runners said. One being, " The challenges you face can sometimes define who you are." So true, yes? It got me thinking of more disciplined I should be. How I should challenge myself even more during times when I just want to be a "wogger." {walker-runner}

I enjoyed seeing an elder man run and run with his daughter. How intimate is that to be able to share an event as challenging as a full marathon with your father? Most of all, how incredible to still be running at his age??? Awesome!!!!

In other news, I signed up for my second 1/2 marathon for the year. I will be participating in the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Las Vegas on December 6th. Woohoo, Vegas here I come!


Jesse said...

That is a fantastic film. I watched it maybe a week ago for the first time. Very inspiring.

Good luck in Vegas!

Ashley Saclolo said...

Good job stace! Thats the same day as CIM.
You should have done Cowtown with me Oct 4

Glenn Jones said...

Hmm... Maybe something I need to look up. Good luck on the Vegas HM. I'd go, but you would have a hard time getting me off the poker tables by start time....

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie! I watched it when I got my very first running injury and had to stay off my feet. So inspirational, I got very emotional.

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