Cake Pops. Yay or Nay?

Since the Bakerella era days, I've always thought cake pops were so adorable. I subscribe to Bakerella's blog and with each blog, I would drool over her pretty little cake pops and dreamed of a day when I could try a cake pop. Seriously. I would dream.... 

Well, Starbucks has jumped on the cake pop bandwagon recently. Read the news about them!  In fact, they had a promotion last week giving them out for free. Where was I? I had no idea. Not a dam clue! It's because of Facebook that I heard about the cakepops. All of my friends were getting their grubby hands on them. 

I finally trudged into Starbucks and scooped up one of each flavor that they had on hand. 

Starting with the pink one, known as the birthday cake pop was waaaaaaay to sweet. I needed water to wash it down. Not my fave at all. 

The tan colored with the espresso bean is the tiramisu cake pop and it was my favorite out of all three. It wasn't too sweet and the flavor of the tiramisu was just enought. I think it would taste great with coffee. 

The dark chocolate is the rocky road cake pop and again, it wasn't my favorite. A bit too chocolaty for me and too sweet. 

Would I buy these again? Probably not. Each is supposedly under 200 calories each. That's a whole lot for something that is eaten up within 2 bites. Not worth my elliptical gym time. Plus, they are a bit on the pricey side. $1.50 each, $2.50 for 2, 6 for $7.50.

iPads and My Favorite iPhone App,

I've been anxiously waiting for my iPad 2 to arrive. Everyday I keep checking if there is any change on my order status delivery date. Still, no to avail, it still says, " March 22nd through March 29th. F. This is the sucky part about purchasing new Apple products online--- no immediate satisfaction of having the product in your grubby hands the day it comes out.

 Any one else buy the iPad 2? How do you like it? 

I've been using this application on my phone called, " Fitness Pal" to keep track of what I eat, calorie-wise, exercise, and water, etc. I think it's my new favorite app! I love it because you can enter recipes and it will automatically calculate the calories of the recipe. There's already Filipino food in it which I love and made me immediately fall in love with it!  Plus, it has a pretty extensive food database. Like, for example, I ate a couple of Russian Cabbage rolls. I entered cabbage rolls and low n' behold, they were listed as 125 per roll! WTH? Amazin, right?

Lent Season.

I love to cook and try new recipes, but sometimes, I hate it when my house smells like food. For the past couple of days, I've been on this curry kick. I made a Thai Coconut Curry with Tilapia dish and just yesterday, I made a Indian curry with Cauliflower and Tofu. Both were super yum and I for sure will be adding these two entree's into our dinner rotations. 

These recipes have been a sweet introduction for what I gave up for Lent: red meat. This year, I've decided to participate in Lent this year. It's been years since I've done Lent and for the first time, it's something I want to do on my own without feeling the need to do it just because.  

For 40 days, I'll be munching on vegetables, fish, chicken, and yes, pork! Hey, it's a white meat, right? I'm kinda excited about this challenge as I want to see if I can do it. I know it's going to be hard as I love me some In n' Out burgers, but hey... it's only for 40 days. What I'm really hoping to gain out of this Lent sacrifice is to hold off on red meat for the long run. 

 My mom recently had to undergo an angio procedure and they found some blockage in her left main artery and had to put in two stents. It really hit home as she's only 63 years old. I've known heart disease runs in my family on both sides. All of my dad's uncles and aunties including his mother died from heart attacks and they were all under the age of 65. So, yes, having to see my mom go through her stent placement has made me take a double take on the foods I consume. It really makes me think twice now when it comes to eating certain foods and the way I take care of myself.