Post Race Thoughts.

Since, I've been pretty much elevating my feet and poppin' Ibuprofens left and right, I've been thinking these past few days about the good and bad of my first half marathon.

Frankly, I regret not training hard enough for this marathon. I was not motivated enough to be more disciplined in my running and not to mention eating. I ain't gonna lie, I was eating as if I had a free pass to eat whatever I wanted. I wasn't even putting in the miles necessary to have a great marathon.

After looking at my time for the 5K and my half marthon I am pissed. Post race photo's is another topic to be covered, but I ain't going to go there now. It's funny. After finishing up the last of my boards, I was just complaining of how bored I was with life. I'd come home, make dinner, watch tv, etc. I didn't have a goal to achieve. But, now! Oooooh, but now, I do!!! Yes!!! Does this mean the beginning of becoming obsessed with marathons?

I've already started eating a whole lot better. I vowed to not drink any diet soda's, just water. No more fried foods. Maybe I can sneak in a few fries here and there....hehe, hey I'm a girl! I can't help it. But, really, no more fried foods. Just straight fiber, whole wheat, fruit, and oh yeah NO SUGAR!!!!! Ugh. With this new inspiration, I went ahead and got me a new look. I got bangs!!! I feel super Asian! Like, REALLY SUPER ASIAN with this new look.


Glenn Jones said...

The diet thing is really kind of a redherring. I mean it helps, but what helps the most is just putting in more miles. When I went from 25 to 25 miles per week, I saw *all* of my times drop multiple minutes.

Decide what your next goal race is, find a suitable training plan, and start putting in the miles! It's all about aerobic fitness - especially past 5K.

Megan said...

Isn't it insane how bangs can make you feel so much different?! Hope you're recovering well :)

Shanghaigrl said...

Stacy.. first half is always a HUGE accomplishment. I'm really proud of you. Running gets addicting huh? I can't wait to run again! As far as eating goes.. portion control. I will never give up ice cream or my occassional In N Out!

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