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Believe it or not, I had my very first visit to a Whole Foods during our trip to the coast. We have a couple of Whole Foods near us, but I never felt the need to go there especially since it's very expensive and I get my satisfaction from Trader Joe's. 

I decided to pick up a couple of dinner items to eat while I watched the infamous LOST finale. The husband and I are still debating about the ending and its theories associated. We can't help ourselves. I love it! Any LOST fans out there? What are your thoughts?

Oh, as I digress. Getting back to Whole Foods. Ahh yes. So I wanted to purchase a couple of items for my dinner. I remember reading a  review about Whole Foods and their wonderful tasting natural honey roasted peanut butter. It wasn't a  high praising review, but for some reason, it clenched my curiosity and I just had to swoop up one!

I didn't get the opportunity to run the peanuts threw the intimidating machine, but I was able to snag an already pre-packed one. 

Yesterday morning, the hubs decides to make himself a peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwich for his breakfast and I remembered that we bought the au natural peanut butter. I was ecstatic to try it, and man, oh, man, this stuff was gooooooooood!!! 

What I love most about this peanut butter, or natural peanut butter in general is that it has no preservatives, but what I dislike about it is that it is pretty expensive! 


The Green Girl said...

Now I really have to try this. My boss had mentioned how amazing it is and how she always gets it for her kids.

Glenn Jones said...

You're in Sacramento? If you are close to Davis, try the Co-op. They don't have the deli, but the food prices are much more reasonable. Also look for Farmer's Markets in your area.

Philwebservices said...

nice..keep on posting..

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