A Gripe and Races for 2010

During the RnR Las Vegas, I used the race belt I purchased at my local Fleet Feet store for the very first time. While, I enjoyed wearing it as it stayed secured around my waist. It didn’t even bounce with a small pouch attached to it holding my iPhone and iPod, too!

But, I do have to gripe about the race bib holders. I purchased the Amphipod Add On Race Number Tags.  Throughout the race, one of the holders kept releasing the bib on one end. It was frustrating and after several attempts of reconnecting it, I said, “ To Hell with It” and just let it go. So, I was pretty much running with my race bib holding onto my belt on one of the race number tag. Thankfully, the other tab secured it well and I never lost my race bib and remained legit throughout the race. Hah!

After running in Las Vegas, I’ve realized that I need to do more local races. While I love travelling, I just don’t love the inconvenience it can place on you. 

Here are my inconveniences:

  • MADDIEWe have to think ahead of where to place our dog Maddie for a few days. I’m starting to run out of favors with the parents, although they never complain about taking care of her, I just feel bad for having to drop her off a lot.   
  • FUNDS. My wallet hates me.   Travelling is quite expensive even if you are travelling by car or by plane. It can add up. Plus, you gotta factor in the hotel costs. Thank goodness for the hubby being somewhat of a high roller as were able to get comp’d for the rooms and only pay $80 for the entire weekend.  But, when we travelled to San Francisco, the hotel costs was about $100/day. A steal of a bargain for San Francisco, but still, it’s $100 less from your bank account. 

  • NOT MY BED. Okay, so this may totally not be an inconvenience to alot of you, but to me, it is. I've been spoiled by the comforts of our Four Seasons Bed. I've never before had a bed that was so comfy, yet alone spent the money on a comfy bed before. So, whenever, I sleep in a friend, relatives, or a hotel's bed, I don't really feel as though I get a good sleep.     

With that said, here are some local races I am anticipating of registering for 2010:

  1. Shamrock Half Marathon on March 14th
  2. Run Rocklin 5K on April 18th
  3. American River Parkway Half Marathon on May 1st
  4. Nike Women's Fitness Festival 5K on June 6th


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the whole local race thing. i can't afford to tote my whole fam around everywhere so it's always local for me! can't wait to join you at those races! -Bern

Aka Alice said...

I am so lucky to live in a place where there's are more races than I could ever possibly do, so I don't travel to races very often.

That being said, I'm with you on the inconvenience and expense thing. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

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