Cake Pops. Yay or Nay?

Since the Bakerella era days, I've always thought cake pops were so adorable. I subscribe to Bakerella's blog and with each blog, I would drool over her pretty little cake pops and dreamed of a day when I could try a cake pop. Seriously. I would dream.... 

Well, Starbucks has jumped on the cake pop bandwagon recently. Read the news about them!  In fact, they had a promotion last week giving them out for free. Where was I? I had no idea. Not a dam clue! It's because of Facebook that I heard about the cakepops. All of my friends were getting their grubby hands on them. 

I finally trudged into Starbucks and scooped up one of each flavor that they had on hand. 

Starting with the pink one, known as the birthday cake pop was waaaaaaay to sweet. I needed water to wash it down. Not my fave at all. 

The tan colored with the espresso bean is the tiramisu cake pop and it was my favorite out of all three. It wasn't too sweet and the flavor of the tiramisu was just enought. I think it would taste great with coffee. 

The dark chocolate is the rocky road cake pop and again, it wasn't my favorite. A bit too chocolaty for me and too sweet. 

Would I buy these again? Probably not. Each is supposedly under 200 calories each. That's a whole lot for something that is eaten up within 2 bites. Not worth my elliptical gym time. Plus, they are a bit on the pricey side. $1.50 each, $2.50 for 2, 6 for $7.50.


The Green Girl said...

I've found the cake pops seem to be on the moister side so I like that.

Your cake pops are so pretty!

mrsdanigirl8 said...

I plugged the nutritional information of Starbucks' cake pops into my weight watcher calculator and found out one cake pop is 5 WW+ points. Considering most people only have 29 points total a day that's a big indulgence for 2 bites!

I think I could find a tastier snack for 200 calories :) And homemade cake pops ala Bakerella are so worth the points!

Kimberly said...

Starbucks can't compare to the real deal. Nice to see you calculated the WW points as I get asked this alot. Cakepops101

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