iPads and My Favorite iPhone App,

I've been anxiously waiting for my iPad 2 to arrive. Everyday I keep checking if there is any change on my order status delivery date. Still, no to avail, it still says, " March 22nd through March 29th. F. This is the sucky part about purchasing new Apple products online--- no immediate satisfaction of having the product in your grubby hands the day it comes out.

 Any one else buy the iPad 2? How do you like it? 

I've been using this application on my phone called, " Fitness Pal" to keep track of what I eat, calorie-wise, exercise, and water, etc. I think it's my new favorite app! I love it because you can enter recipes and it will automatically calculate the calories of the recipe. There's already Filipino food in it which I love and made me immediately fall in love with it!  Plus, it has a pretty extensive food database. Like, for example, I ate a couple of Russian Cabbage rolls. I entered cabbage rolls and low n' behold, they were listed as 125 per roll! WTH? Amazin, right?


Glenn Jones said...

I think that's a good app. I used to use LoseIt!, but I think the calories in the food database are a little suspect (too low).

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