Fit Flops and Bestie Visits

One of my besties from Las Vegas came into town a few weekends ago. Yay for "bestie" visits! Anne is a long time friend of mines dating back to the highschool days. She was even a bridesmaid in our wedding and we were able to plan our weddings together as they were only a couple months apart!

 FYI: Anne is the beautiful bridesmaid to the left of me.

Ofcourse, there was some good eating involved. We started the day with having some lobster rolls at Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City. Been hearing tons of good things about this place. Needless to say, I was excited. More excited than everyone else in the party which was pretty lame. 

I got the "maine" lobster roll which is the basic roll with lobster and mayo mixed in. Comes with fries and coleslaw. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. It was lacking in flavor =( Boooo. So much for that! But, I was really excited and enjoyed my very first root beer on tap. Never before had root beer on tap and I have to say this is the only way to go when it comes root beer. You taste all kinds of flavors ranging from vanilla to molasses. 

 Since her husband is not originally from California, but from West Virginia, we played tourist in San Francisco for him. Walked a ton around the city in different neighborhoods. Can you believe I've never in all my 30+ years have never been to the Haight Ashbury district? It was tons of fun seeing all the different stores and smelling the "lovely" fresh air. 

We also wandered the Mission district because our favorite ice cream shop is there. It's called Bi-Rite Creamery. If you are ever in the SF area, specifically the Mission District, you MUST try this place. Long lines, yes, but I promise you, you won't be disappointed. They have the most unique flavors that are out of this world. We had our usual, roasted banana. But, I tried a new flavor which was their Earl Grey and holy! It was sooooooooooooo good!

It was such a beautiful day, we thought we'd take Anne's husband to the Castro area.  

Fun Anne's Husband Fact: Did you know he thought Berkeley was in Oregon? 

So, yeah we head over to the Castro area and we couldn't get over the fact how there were so many "fallic" names for stores. We saw a store named " Mobey Dick", then "Hand Job" which was a "spa" shop. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. 

All the walking we did around the various neighborhoods had my feet screaming in pain. I was wearing flip flops that had absolutely zero support and to make matters worse, they were thin and flat. It was mucho no bueno. I was so envious of Anne's fit flops that she purchased and was happily walking around the city with no problems whatsoever. Whaaaaaat?? I need to get some of those asap and I certainly did! 

I love them, too! I ordered the Pietra style in black just like Anne.  I love how they can be dressy when worn with jeans that are a bit flared or boot cut because it has a jeweled tone thong. A bit pricey, yes, but in my words, worth it. I already took Maddie on a walk with them, too!


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