Trying Out Something New.

Every time Peanut Butter Fingers posts her breakfasts that consist of an Alternative Bagel, slice of cheese, and a spread of jam, I get curious about it more and more. 

Weird combination, yes, but for some odd reason, I think it does mesh well. 

So this morning, I gave it a go since I was able to find Alternative Bagels at my local Henry's store.

I toasted my bagel and melted the cheese for about 15 seconds in the microwave.

 and here we go....

 The verdict: I thought it was pretty good. The bagel is really a good alternative as it's only 140 calories versus a big ole' regular bagel at close to 300 calories. I purchased the Sweet Wheat flavor and spread the bagel with grape flavored jam and a slice of Colby Jack Cheese. Can't wait to enjoy it again!

Thanks PBF!



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