Gadgets and Gus.

I'm going to start doing more longer runs within the next few weeks which means trying out for the very first time those infamous Gu's. A little nervous, I must admit, as I have a sensitive stomach.

First though, let's discuss fuel belts.

I've been avidly perusing the internet for some cool fuel belts. I don't think I'm ready for the hardcore fuel belts that contain 2 or 4 bottles of water. I got enough jiggle I need to contain. But, this one sorta shouted out at me when I saw it.

It's simple. But, my question is, will it ride up as you run? The reviews were good and it didn't mention it riding up. But, then again, they weren't concerned about that. One reviewer was concerned about ensuring that it will securely hold his gels and it did as he tested it out on his marathon.

It comes in array of colors like black, surf blue, hisbiscus pink and kiwi green. It retails from $13.95.

I'd probably add a little pocket to hold my essentials such as iphone, keys, and ID. Lately, I've just been hooking my house key onto my shoelace and running with no iphone or ID. I know, bad, right?

I found these neoprene pockets that retail for about $10. I think I'd probably go with the large 5x5 Neoprene pocket pictured to the left.

I could just easily run with a fanny pack, which I've done in the past. But, I've found that it was a wee bit distracting as it would bang against me as I run. I need something lighter.

Onto Gu's. Any suggestions on what flavors?


Jacqui said...

I really enjoy PowerBar GU Chocolate flavor because it tastes just like chocolate frosting. I have tried the vanilla kind from Powerbar but couldn't stomach the sweetness of it. I used Jelly Belly Sport Beans during the Las Vegas half. HTH! :)

Shanghaigrl said...

I have tried every GU Flavor there is. Latte would be my choice. It just taste like really strong coffee. DO NOT try the vanilla.. No good. :) As for the waste band... don't go cheap on those, or else it will ride up. I recommend the one with three small water bottles. Hope that helps?

Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have found the best approach for a belt is the Nathan 4 ( The bottles slide in nicely and don't jiggle. With all 4 bottles full, you get 40 oz of liquid - enough for a decent long run. Also, there is a key pocket on the front, and a larger pocket on the back of the belt. I can carry a Clif Bar, four gels, and a ultracompact camera. If you have a running store nearby, check it out.

The other thing I know people swear by are shorts by RaceReady ( The pockets are sewn into the shorts. Some love them. Some hate them. Look for them the next time you're at a race. Someone will be wearing them.

As far as Gus, I don't have stomach issues, but I think some of the Gus are pretty putrid. I like only the Espresso Love and Vanilla Bean. Make sure you take water to wash it down!

I've heard others swear by the gummi lifesavers. About the same number of calories as Gus. Better tasting. No sodium though, which ends up being an issue if you are prone to cramping.

aron said...

I pretty much like all the gus except orange. I default to vanilla and triberry. I used to be a big fan of chocolate but not anymore :)

I really like my fuel belt. Its the nathan speed 2 one, it doesnt ride. Spibelts are also awesome if you just want something to hold things and not water.

Anonymous said...

This is what I carry:

I did get a pair of RaceReady shorts but I'm not convinced my camera will stay in that pocket. And I'm addicted to taking pictures. Obviously.

Kat =) said...

I enjoy gu's!!! chocolate seriously tastes like chocolate syrup. I enjoy strawberry banana and triberry =) after the runs I usually have some cliffbar shot blocks. The jelly beans are good too, but it's a personal preference since sometimes it's hard to chew and run. some customers at work prefer the powerbar energize packets better cause they are not as thick as gu's.. i haven't tried any flavors but there is a variety of those out there too. like green apple (apparently tastes like apple jolly ranchers) and there is a latte flavor too =P

let me know if you need some. i have some ( i get them at the discounted rate anywhoots =) )

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