I'm Beet.

The hubs and I have recently made a tradition of going to the Farmer's Market every Sunday and purchasing our vegetables, fruits, and breads. So far, we have been able to stick with this tradition for the past couple of Sundays and I love it.

I feel so Alice Waters when I am using the fresh ingredients bought at the Farmeris Market. Recently, I made the most delicious Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread. All of the items were bought at the Farmer's Market sans the bacon. Although, I can purchase some bacon there, but it's a bit pricey. It's like $5.99. No thanks. I can get it on sale for $1.99.

It's very exciting for me (at least) to get up early, make my cup of coffee to bring with me, and see what kind of vegetable I can bring home that I've never tried cooking with before. Something that I would only eat at restaurant, but wouldn't have the courage to buy fresh and make something of it.

Last Sunday, we brought home fresh beets. They are quite a site to see in person. They have ginormous green leaves attached to them. It's unfortunate, that we have to chop them up and not use it. At least, I think we can't use them. Can we?

I didn't quite know how to cook these. I honestly thought we could just peel them and viola, we have beets! Not. It's a good thing I looked it up online because that's exactly what I would have done.

Turns out, you have to boil them for about an hour, just until you can stick a fork into them. Once you can, you take them and their skin easily comes off of them. Easy, but messy.

I plan on making a huge salad with these. I can't wait!

Now, that we go to the Farmers Market every Sunday, it got me re-thinking about subscribing to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that I blogged about. I find it more exciting to see what produce I can purchase in person. Plus, I'm still supporting the local farmers and not to mention, I can get homemade bread and cheeses from other vendors.


Jesse said...

I need to make a habit of going to the farmers market more often. Every time I go, I am pleasantly surprised at how much food I can for so little money. And it's much easier to try different things at the cheaper prices.

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog post. I haven't been to the farmer's market since I started working again. While I was unemployed, I went every single week.

All the food looks so delicious!

Glenn Jones said...

Yeah - beets are kind of a pain to cook, but they are good! I have had them roasted as well. And raw/shredded added to salad.

The other thing I recently had in a restaurant - take some cooked beets (red and yellow if you can find them). Take a slice of red beet, place a layer of goat or feta cheese, add a layer of yellow beets, a layer of cheese, so on and so forth. Garnish with some salad greens (arugula) and candied pecans (photo here: Yum! And I'm not a beet eater!

And yes - you can eat the greens (I never have though):

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that.

That salad dressing is the best, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, that comment was for your newest post. D'oh. It's been a long week.

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