I'm Back on Track.

Stayed true to my promises and ran my 4 miles this morning. Can I get a whoop, whoop?

The Stats:
407 calories burned
Highest Pace: 9:07
Average Pace: 12:35

I really enjoy running through our neighborhood. It's like a park in some ways. There are man made lakes around the houses and sometimes, I'll just pause and reflect here....wondering what it's like to live with a lake in your backyard? or Are you afraid of getting West Nile? You know... reflective things like that....

I didn't quite get out the door at 6:00 am, although I wanted to as I felt the cool crisp wind pass by on my face, plus the lick of my puppy dog Maddie on my barefoot. But, I just couldn't get out of bed. Instead, I opted to go out at 8:30 am and it wasn't too shabby. The winds today were a bit gusty. At times, I felt as if I was on an incline because of the resistance.

Stupid me couldn't find my running socks, so I just picked up these regular ankle socks. Bad idea because I got these now!

I felt a bit stupid and these are one of the times where I wished I wore contacts. I left before the hubby took off to work. I was on a road that I thought I would run into him going to work. I thought I saw his car coming at me and so I was smiling and the guy smiled and waved back at me. So naturally, I yelled, " Hi Honey!" My so called hubby, rolled down his window and as soon as he peeped his head out, I felt like a complete idiot! Dam eyes.


aron said...

lol at the wrong hubby :)

YAY great job for waking up this morning!!

Shanghaigrl said...

hahahah you waved a man down on your run. That's pretty good! Good job on the pace!

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