Food Truck Heaven

It's no secret that food trucks have taken over the world, well except for the capitol of California, Sacramento, which is unfortunately, the city of where I reside. No bueno. 

Sacramento imposes regulations for food trucks making it hard for them to stay in a spot for more than 30 minutes and park at certain places in the city. 

So, what do we Sacramentoans have to do? Well, this Sacramentoan, travels to San Francisco to attend the Off the Grid food truck event at Fort Mason. Yes, I'm officially crazy and guess what? This isn't even the first time I've travelled to SF for a food truck event. Can you just call me insane? Or a fatty! 

 {Imade by SF Eater}

I already mentally knew what I wanted when we arrived at the event and that was, Spam and Egg Tacos from the WOW truck and  peking duck musubi's from the Musubi Kings.

For those that love Spam, and I know there are alot of you especially closet Spam lovers!,  the Spam taco was awesome! At $3 a taco, you definitely get your money's worth as it's not a itty bitty taco and it's chock full of lots of goodiness.

The peking duck musubi. Oooooh, yummy! Yah'll know how I love musubi's. This musubi was absolutely deeeeeelicious!  

 We also noshed on buttery dulche de leche cookies and fresh buttery empanada's from the El Porteno truck

Oh, and tikki marsala burrito's from the Curry Up Now truck that was to die for! At a whopping $7 and change, it was pretty tasty and very satisfying. Definitely a burrito to share with people. 

This food truck was definitely fun. Good times shared with my lovely fam-bam. 


The Green Girl said...

Such a strange place you live - no food trucks? Heh.

Glad you had a good time!

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