Mini Vacay to Hawaii

Mr. Dubyah and I just returned from our mini vacay to Honolulu, Hawaii. Back in October, Pleasant Hawaiian was having a fabulous airfare deal. $300 per person roundtrip. We are hardly the spontaneous couple to take far away trips, but when we saw the deal, we just couldn't pass it up. Plus, we've been fiending for some good ole' Hawaiian food as you can see through the pictures below. All we did was eat, eat, eat.... But that's a good thing, right?

In fact, right when we landed, we checked in our bags and headed straight a Ramen place. I swear, I'm obsessed with finding the perfect ramen place. Whenever we are in the bay area or somewhere in Southern California, I try and search for ramen places to try. 

On this trip, we got to try two ramen places, Ramen Nakamura and Gomaichai Ramen.  The two places are different as they specialize in two different broths. Ramen Nakamura specializes in oxytail broth (the hubby had the oxtail, while I had the hakata) and Gomaichai specializes in a tan tan broth which is a very spicy pork broth that takes roughly 12 hours to cook. This was my first time to try a tan tan broth and while I thought it was good, I do prefer a miso or hakata based broth. 

 {Hakata Ramen @ Ramen Nakamura}

If you aren't really sure what a musubi is, it's basically a rice ball that's filled with some type of meat such as spam, sausage, tuna and it's wrapped in a nori seaweed wrapper. Basically it's Hawaii's version of sushi and I'm so obsessed with them.
We were buying them nearly everyday of our trip and heck, for our trip back home.

See, I told you I am obsessed with musubi's. Look how many are in that bag! 

We did find time to lounge in between our food adventure's. Sitting by the pool and drinking lava flow's were my cup of tea. It was kinda hard to get "comfortable" in Oahu. There are so many people there and the streets are always hustling and bustling with cars, people, restaurants, etc that you hear tons of noises. So, I must admit, it wasn't the best relaxation but don't get me wrong, I'd take this type of relaxation anyday!

I can never get bored of this view. Who wouldn't? 

The only picture taken of Mr. Dubyah and I was this one. Pretty funny. All of our pictures are of our food. 


The Green Girl said...

Spam musubi rules!

So glad you had a great time on your mini vacay!

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