Save the Dolphins!

Ever since Mr. Dubyah purchased spontaneously (which he rarely ever does) a blue ray wifi dvd player, we have been Netflix fiends.

The recent movie we watched was The Cove. I've always heard that this documentary was extremely sad and I was a little bit scared to even dare watch it. But, I wanted to know what it was all about, so I braced myself.  

It really opened my eyes to dolphin captivity. Makes me want to ban Sea World. 

What I can't understand and it's mind boggling to me is that why do they have to kill every single dolphin they capture? 

Have any of you guys seen this movie? What are your thoughts?


Aka Alice said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I'm with you on the banning Sea World thing. I live in San Diego and every once in awhile am "forced" to go there (family/friend events and such) and every time I'm there, I feel sorta dirty and complicit (which I guess I am.) So sad to keep the animals caged like that (I have similar feelings about zoos).

Shanghaigrl said...

I washed the beginning of it.. i just couldn't finish it. I love netflix tho! :)

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