4th of July Colored Inspired Lunch

This is my third smoothie that I've made so far within the week and I'm loving it! I just can't seem to break away from them. This morning, I made it with:

1 packet of Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Frozen Banana
A Handful of Spinach
About 1 tsp of Xantham Gum
1/2 Cup of Strawberry Kefir

It was really good and creamy! I think the added Strawberry Kefir helped with the creaminess this time, which by the way was my first time ever to try Kefir.

My coworker has been raving about this stuff since he's been on a diet. I think I'm going to be another raver, too about this stuff! It's yummy!

For lunch, I made a tuna melt on sprout bread. I tossed the tuna with some lemon juice, olive oil, and a bit of salt and pepper.

 Perfect for a hot summer lunch as it was refreshing! 

Ok, off to watch Pretty Little Liars for the day. I'm addicted to the books. Just received disc 1 in the mail today via Netflix! 


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