Dinner Fail.

Yesterday I attended my first turbo kickboxing class and had a blast! I was a little nervous as I was afraid I wouldn't catch on to the routine and look like a fool, but, thanks to my experience with Billy Blanks back in the mid 90's, I was able to look like a semi-fool. 

I loved the energy and the music.  My friend warned me that I was going to feel very achy in the morning. Sure am! It's a good achy though and I can't wait to return! 

For dinner, I made some stuffed squash and zucchini's after seeing a recipe and picture on Pininterest. (Love that website, by the way!!!). 

I wish I could tell yah how these turned out but I got the sudden craving of having a slice of pizza and a salad instead. Yeah, I know! I'm bad. Will find out how these taste today though!!! 

Have you guys ever done that before? Cooked dinner and then eat something else? It's probably just me, huh?


The Green Girl said...

Nice. Kickboxing is my first love. I'm not coordinated to do that Billy Blanks stuff but I can aim at a heavy bag or a focus mitt. Usually.

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