Fleet Feet Rocks!

Fleet Feet in Vacaville, CA is having an overstock apparel sale this coming Saturday, July 25th. Everything in the clearance will be $15. I'm so there. I'm hoping I can find some sport bra's and dry fit long sleeve tops. The last time I did my long run in a tank top, I got burned bad and very tanned. This Filipino gal does not need to get any darker.

They are also opening up registration for their half marathon training for those participating in the Las Vegas marathon in December. Hi, that's me! I need this. But, it's in Vacaville which is 30 minutes away from Sacramento. Dam. Not sure if I want to spend the gas money to drive all the way down there. I looked to see if the Sacramento Fleet Feet location has any training for the Las Vegas and unfortuantely, there is none. Right now, they are offering training for the Fall Half Marathon which starts on the weekend of August 7th. But, I'll be camping that weekend with friends and plus working a night schedule is not condusive with their training days. Its times like these that I really wished I worked day shifts. It's so frustrating finding a program that works with my schedule. F.


Chic Runner said...

I totally am with you on scheduling. That is the story of my life. I feel like sometimes after everything its SO hard to find time to run. ha ha F :)

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