I'm not a heffer!

" I'm J.J. Fad and I'm here to Rock!" were words that helped me with my morning run this morning. My arch on my right foot was still a slight bothersome for me, but I decided to screw it and just go. That, and the hubs saying, " I think you should go for a run since you'll be working the next few nights and won't be able to get in another run for a few."

F. Dam You! Why do you gotta play that card???

I found my foot arch supporters that I bought when I initially purchased my running shoes at the Fleet Feet Store (which is another narcisstic whole story in itself to tell sometime.)

and can you believe that they were in a spot where they should have been?

I think my feet seriously let out a cry of " Thank You Jesus!" as I was able to run a 5 mile run with no problemo's whatsoever. Post run, my feet still felt great.

I noticed that on this run that whenever I see other people running or just people walking in general, I tend to pick up my pace. Does this happen to any of you? I get excited to see others out there running. It's like if I was a dog, and saw another dog coming my way, I would get super excited, wag my butt-tail so fast and just go! Well, that's how I felt like because our Maddie does this all the freakin' time.

Another thing I noticed is with my running hat. The lid keeps me shielded from the sun and almost too good from my blind spots. I'm in my own little world when I wear that hat. But, I've realized that when I'm in my own world- own zone, I can get a little startled at times.

Take for instance, Black and White song of MJ came on and I completely forgot that in the beginning of the song there's this kid playing some music and his dad bangs on his door to tell him to turn it off. Well, dude, that banging on the door scared the living daylights out of me. I was totally freaked out and thought someone was yelling at ME!

What the hell?

Okay, now you can officially post the " I'm strange" badge on my blog. Is it me or do you guys get startled at times when in your "zone?" I think it's just me. HAH.


Shanghaigrl said...

Don't worry when i'm in my zone sometimes I forget where i'm going. One time I went so far down.. I almost went to green haven n back. Okay exaggerating.. but you get the idea? As for picking up the pace when other ppl's running or walking.. that's me! I always get scared .. i don't want ppl to say look at that slow ass trying to run. LOL! I'm strange. I know.

As for Baby Mac... Dave's last name is McAnelly. So i call him Mac for short. So don't worry i didn't name my baby after the makeup product! lol

Sherry said...

Yeah, once I get in my zone, I forget that if I sing out loud with my headphone on, people WILL hear me!!
I always run faster when I see other people running!!! I think "well if they can run faster so can I!!" Sometimes it isn't the best idea (i end up hurting) but what can you do!!

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