I struggled yesterday to succumb to my ever annoying alarm clock at the ripe ole' time of 6:00 am. Poor husband, since he sleeps right next to the alarm clock, had to endure the blaring noise every 15 minutes or so. But I gotta love him even more as he never once complained that I wasn't getting up. He just continued to push the snooze button after I finally said, " okay, I think I'm just going to sleep in, turn it off."

This morning, the same thing happened, only it begun at 5:15am. I had every intention the night before to wake up bright and early. Heck, I even slept early so that I can wake up. Yeaaaaah, that didn't happen until 5:45 am. The poor guy. But, I did it. I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and hit the pavement at 6:15 am.

Too freakin' late though. I could feel the sun already, but it was still enough to tolerate as there was a breeze every now and then.

Need to wake up earlier. Need more discipline.

But, I had a cool 3 mile run. Saving my long run for this coming weekend. Realizing that my comfortable pace, aka, my zone pace is 12:25. Dam, I'm slow. I did get as fast as 10:30, but that's because I was too excited to get out there initially and was running off of excitment. Totally slowed it down as I was getting way ahead of myself.

Had to get a new running hat as Maddie chewed my running hat. Dam. The pains of having a puppy. She's lucky she's so darn cute.


Shanghaigrl said...

you are alot more disciplined than i am. I'm only walking now cause i stopped running about 4 weeks ago. Maybe i'll start picking up my pace a lil...Good job tho stacy!!!!

Sherry said...

I have been trying to get up and run in the morning for the past couple days and it is just not happening. I do the same thing as you, snooze until I just have to get up.
You have an adorable puppy even though she chews stuff!!!

Glenn Jones said...

Slow is only a label that we put on ourselves. Yo were faster than the 90% of the population that did nothing yesterday.

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