Uneventful Running Weekend.

I finally got a chance to get out there this morning. Did 6 miles and fortunately my legs and feet were in autopilot. Love it when it's not a mental game.

Been itching to get a run since last week as I had a very busy week at work. Isn't it cool when your mind craves a workout when stress hits you? I'd take craving a workout over a fattening meal any day, yes?

Went to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason on the good ole Presidio base on Saturday. Anticipated this fair all week as I am a fan of Etsy. Being there felt like it was Etsy in person and I just couldn't get my heart to stop pitter pattering with each booth I passed.

Felt good to get out of the 100+ heat. I enjoy living in Sacramento, but man, the heat is something I do not enjoy. It has been like living in hell last week and this week is no exception. San Francisco was a welcoming relief to me. Made me think for a hot minute to move, especially after seeing a man jogging on the pier at 3 in the afternoon. Can't do that kind of stuff at 3pm in Sac. 8:00 am you are already pushing it with the heat. F.

Looks like I'll be registering for the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Vegas soon. Half Marathon, ofcourse. Spoke to my friend, No Fear, who is a fellow coworker that runs too, and she is wanting to sign up for it. Can't wait. December. Birthday Month. Cold Weather. What can be better?

Just wondering if it'll be just a wee bit too much since we are both running the 1/2 in October for the Nike's Women's in San Francisco.

Plans for the week:
Monday: RAN 6 miles
Friday: Run 8 miles
Saturday: Run 4 miles
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 8 miles

Total: 26 miles.


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