My First 8.

I ran my first 8 miles this AM. Hit the pavement around 0600 and didn't even bat an eye when it was time for me to wake up. Guess the suggestion of "getting it over with" is powerful to me.

Couldn't believe that I burned 841 calories. The fact that it's near 1,000 kinda freaked me out! Plus, I was able to shave about a minute off my pace. Ran comfortably at 11:40 and finished it within 1:50. Slow, yes. But, so glad that I finished it. There were times where I could have take a short cut home. Twice, I was tempted. But, it would be very disappointing to come home and know that in my mind I cheated. Cheaters don't win! Heh.

Saw alot of walkers and dogs at 0600 and was starting to get a wee bit lonely being the only runner out there. Finally, around mile 5, I saw them. Yeeeeeeah! I felt like such the jogging nerd as I had all my gear on: iPod, Fuel Belt, and Garmin. They, however, were such the purist. No iPods in sight, no fancy schmancy watches, and no fuel belts. Just a running hat and their jogging attire. How do they do it?

Also, saw a guy run bare foot. I've been reading about these barefoot runners and never thought I'd run into any them in ummm..Sacramento? Was a bit concerned and weirded out as he was running on pavement that had dirt and dog poo in some areas. Yet, at the same time, it looked like it felt great! Since, right now my feet are killing me! I found some Q&A's about running barefoot. Check it out here.

Had a vanilla bean flavor Gu this AM and I must say, it wasn't that bad. I think I actually enjoyed it more than the chocolate flavored one because it was less sweet. It didn't require me to chase it down with a gallon of water. Chose it because it was the only one in the bunch that looked the most popular. I tend to choose items like that. Sometimes, this theory works and sometimes, it doesn't.

Good luck to everyone participating in the San Francisco Marathon!


stellar708 said...

Hi Stacy, it's Megan one of Glenny and Ash's friends. I saw that you had a blog and got really excited because no one I know really blogs. Anyways, I really admire you being a runner and all. Perhaps one day I'll try, but as of now, I have no patience for it. I have no endurance whatsoever, it's actually pretty sad :(

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