10 Days

10 days remaining until it's time to attempt another half marathon. Going to participate in the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas. Kinda excited about this one as it's a " Rock n' Roll" event. Keep hearing good things about this marathon.

Excited to see:

* The Running Elvis'es . My friend suggested that we get Elvis costumes and run the event. But, I wasn't really keen to this idea. I think I would get way too hot in that bell bottom jumpsuit coupled with that big black wig I would have to wear. What a hot mess these guys look like, huh?

* 85 couples getting married at mile 3.5 of the course in front of the Eifell Tower of the Paris Hotel. There will be a special corral for the lively couples, their bridal party, an running Elvis and a running Reverend.

Most of all I'm excited to be running on the Las Vegas Strip sober and with water in my hand.


Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...

Ha ha ha! I had to snort laugh that final line: "Most of all I'm excited to be running on the Las Vegas Strip sober and with water in my hand."

Best of luck. Remember - the key is to have fun!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Are you kidding me!??! Getting married at mile 3.5?! That would totally rock! I had no idea that was an options! wonder if their entry fee was higher!? Ha ha!

Good luck! I wanted to run that one too, but alas I am in the poor house! :) Maybe one day I will win a lottery and earmark it strictly for traveling to do races!


Molly said...

hey good luck! Just stopping by your blog, I tend to visit the blogs of those who comment right before me, on other people's blogs....if that makes sense...have a great race!

Jesse said...

Good luck in Vegas!!

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