I think I found a running buddy!

Maddie turned a whopping ONE YEAR old last month and ever since then, I was contemplating of taking her out with me for some runs. I had a hunch that she would be a good running buddy. The long legs, lean body and rambunctious personality. Plus, I tested the waters at times on our walks and would run with her for a few seconds or so and she seemed to like it alot. She was total game.

Well, today I decided that this was the day she was going to run. So, on with her harness and her leash. We walked for about 5 minutes to warm up since it was a bit chilly outside and then I asked her, " You Ready Girl," She looked at me with a, " huh?" Then I started to run and she started to run. She did zigzag diagonally every now and then making me a bit annoyed, but once I called out her name, she ran straight once more. Ofcourse, there were the few run in with other dogs which I wasn't so much afraid that she was going to attack them. She's a very sociable dog. I knew that she was going to try and go to them and get them to play. So, we had to stop for a bit whenever we saw the dogs walking. Ugh. Gotta work on that! Other than than, she did awesome! Our pace was between 10:40-11:00 and honestly, it seemed like a measly stroll to her --that punk! LOL

I'm loving that she's going to be a great running buddy. She kept me on pace and I'm just hoping that she'll make me a stronger and faster runner. Yay!!!! Go Maddie!


Glenn Jones said...

Way to go!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm still so annoyed with myself but I guess it's a live and learn thing.

Lisa said...

Hi again. Thanks for visiting my blog. In response to your question, actually Beachy is a boy and running with him is just ok right now. Until he learns to stop running in front of me I will be annoyed with him lol. Think I might take some treats with him and train him to heel. But it is a good way for him to get some exercise because it's tough laying around the house all day, you know.

Truly Smitten said...

Hey Stacy!

thanks for your comment! And yes! i do design custom silhouettes for clients. Email me at for more info and I'll be happy to answer your questions. Cute dog btw!

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