Took Maddie out for another run this morning. I swear, she is the best motivation to get me out there. Plus, I think she pushes me to continue running at times when I just want to walk.

This time, she was a bit too fast for me. I looked down at one point and saw that we were going about 9:41 pace. Eeeks, Maddie slow down! I know this girl has potential, but I'm holding her back as I can see.... sorry girl. One day, we shall run at that if not a faster pace for you.

Wore my Berkeley shirt today while running as today is the last home game. Go Bears! Passed a fellow runner that yelled out, " Go Bears!" as we ran. That put a smile on my face.

Sadly, me and the husband aren't attending it tonight as we are hosting a Pacquiao fight party at our house. It's pretty much a requirement of every Filipino household to throw a party for the Pacquiao fight. Isn't it?

When we got home, I could see some religious people making their way to our neighbors doorsteps to talk with them. Ugh. Gotta run faster to get in the house, close the blinds, and hope that they didn't see which house we ran inside of. Maddie immedately drank some water and ate up all of her food. Cracked me up that she needed some carbs after running. After that, she passed the heck out.


Glenn Jones said...

That photo of Maddie os too cute! I think I know *exactly* how she feels....

joyRuN said...

My whole family was LIVID this weekend when we couldn't order the fight on TV. So we clustered around the computer yesterday to watch it, but it was nice to already know that Pacquiao won :)

Truly Smitten said...

Hey Stacey! sure! my email is

Robin said...

Hi Stacy!

Thnx for finding my turtles blog.... I love your blog's design. Very cool! Love the tag line/quote, too - so true!

Maddie is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! And post-run carbs... that is funny! :-)

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