Great Deal!

Love the store, See Jane Run. I think it has to do with more of the name. They have some cute shirts that have statements written on them. Two of my favorites are the,
" I Run for Chocolate," and the other one being, " If you can run a mile, you can run a marathon." So, true, yes?

The " I Run for Chocolate," shirt is on sale for $17.99. Thinking of purchasing it as a Christmas gift for my dear friend, " No Fear." She has a strong weakness for chocolate and she makes no qualms of admitting it a whole lot. So, I think it's perfect for her.

Right now, they are offering a fantastic deal. You can purchase a gift card that is valued at $50 for $25! The deal is going on for 2 days, so make sure that you get on this asap! Click here to be taken to the deal.

I'm planning on using it towards a pair of new running shoes. My friend, who is a physical therapist assessed me as I was complaining about my feet aching badly whenever I go on long runs. I suspected it had to with my shoes coupled with me having flat feet.

My suspicions were correct as he checked out my shoes and bent them in half which told me that I had no support whatsoever! We also headed to a sports store so that he could show me what kinds of shoes I should be purchasing as to not purchasing.

Here's what I learned. For you overpronaters, the key to a good running shoe is looking at the side of the shoe (arch area) There is usually a foam part at that area. What you should do is press down onto that foam. If your fingers can instantly and easily press down on it, then that isn't the shoe for you. However, if the foam doesn't easily press down, then it should provide good support for your feet and not allow you to overpronate. He also added that you can insert food inserts in order to give you additional support.

Three shoes I have in mind. One is the Brooks Addiction 8. It retails for $94.99. If I use the gift card, I would ultimately pay $69!

The other shoe is the Asics 2150.
It retails for $99.99. I would pay $74.

The third one is the Asics Kayano's 15. I keep reading and hearing how wonderful these shoes are, especially for flat feet people such as myself. It retails for $139.99 which would have me paying $114. A sweet, sweet deal for these shoes.


Glenn Jones said...

I'm a big Asics guy. Two things about Asics. If you overpronate, look for the grey area in thearch. Any Asics shoe with the grey arch has the extra support that you need.

Also - a word of caution about Kayanos - they fit like a glove and are absolutely the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear if you like Asics. But expect to get only about 300 miles out of a pair. (I was getting 225 to 250). I have since gone to the 2140's (not as comfortable as the Kayanos) becuase I get somewhere around 450 to 500 miles out of a pair. I'm a *larger* guy, so you will probably get many more miles than I do.

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