I think I have a memory of a goldfish--3 seconds.

So, I'm one of those uber Twilight fanatics. I have been patiently waiting for the movie, New Moon, to come out since I bought my ticket via Fandango about a month ago to watch it at midnight tonight! By the way, I'm Team Edward and I'm going to dread this movie because there's a whole lotta' Jacob in this one. Ewwww.

Well, I f'd up. Three weeks ago, I agreed to sign up with my friend to do the Turkey Trot 10K in Davis, CA. Always heard good things about the Turkey Trot in Davis and since I wasn't working, why not? Well, I just realized this week that dam, I'm watching New Moon @ midnight and dam I have a semi-early wake up call for the 10K. Totally forgot that the movie comes out this weekend.

Eh, whatevs. What can you do? I'll just have fun with it tomorrow and not worry about the time. I hear it gets really crowded at the Turkey Trot because it's a very popular family event. Funny thing happened as I was waiting in line to get pick up my packet this afternoon which by the way was across the street from Fleet Feet and outside in the pouring rain. They did provide tents, but it was still wet in there. Anyways, the guy in front of me kept asking people around him, " So, what are you running...the 5K or 10K? Oh yeah, what are you hoping your time to be?" I just kept thinking to myself, " Really, dude?"


Robin said...

Ha Ha! Did you see the midnite movie? And did you like it?? Haven't seen the first one, but hubby says it was good. Trailers looked really cool for the new one. Did you also do the 10K?

The guy in the packet pick-up line was a D-O-R-K! :-)

Glad my mocking sign made you laugh! It was priceless!

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