New Shoes.

I finally purchased a new pair of running shoes. This time, I walked into the store with a much more educated mind about running and what type of shoes are best for me. Unlike my first experience when I had no clue and trusted all of my knowledge with the running lady at the store. Grrrrr.

I wanted so badly to try on the Brooks Ardrenaline, but they didn't have my size. They didn't have my size in the Asics 2150's, either! She said that Asics may be too narrow for me anyways since I have wide feet. Ugh, really?

So, she brings out what they have as far as stability shoes. One was the Brooks Addiction and the other was the New Balance 1150's. The Brooks Addiction felt great, but when compared to the New Balance 1150's, it didn't hold up. I felt more support in the New Balance's, especially in the arches. The only thing I was concerned about with the New Balance 1150's was that they felt a bit heavy. I buy them despite the heaviness and decide to try them out. Love Fleet Feet's policy of being able to return the shoes if you aren't happy with them.

This morning, I try them out. Kinda excited, actually. That was really what got me out the door this am was being able to try them out and the fact that I actually needed to try them out since I'll be using them in the Turkey 10K Trot this Saturday.

I was a all a mess. Decided to bring Maddie with me which I really shouldn't have. I just couldn't find my groove in these shoes especially with Maddie doing zig zag's in front of me and pulling me a bit making me go much much faster than I really wanted to. Ugh. I started to get shin splints and my right arm was getting tired of holding onto the leash with a big ole' counter hold to prevent Maddie from going even faster. So, this AM run was a huge fail. Going to try again on Friday evening. I have to work the next two nights, so hopefully, I can make a run on Friday evening.


Lisa said...

I had New Balance 1224s and they gave me tendinitis. They are heavier than my Nike Vomeros and current Asics Gel Nimbus and they provided more support than I needed thus causing the tendinitis. Pay attention to how you feel and definitely exchange them for something else if they don't feel right. If you have a Roadrunner Sports nearby check them out too.

Glenn Jones said...

Shoes are *the* most important thing you can buy. Buy the wrong shoe and you will pay for it with pain and injury. And no - Asics come in all different widths.

Do what Lisa says above. Find yourself a Fleet Feet Store or a Road Runner Sports. I think there are some in Sacto. At RRS they'll put you on a treadmill and do a gait analysis to put you in the right shoe.

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