My First 10K

Saturday, I ran my very first 10K with one of my EG running gals, Bern. It was the Davis Turkey Trot and it was freakin' cooooooooooold! Like 37 degree weather cold. I know this is considered warm to most people living in the midwest and east coast, but for us California people, it is freezing!

I watched New Moon near midnight the night before and was on cloud 9 coming home because I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Had butterflies from Robert Pattinson, le sigh. Made me worry that I wouldn't be able to go to sleep right away. But, fortunately, I did and woke up grudgingly around 6:30 am.

Immediately prepared some coffee and a bowl of cereal with organic milk.

Bern came over around 7:30 am so that we could carpool together. She had no one to watch her kids and her husband had to forego participating in the 5K and stayed home with the kids. She was kinda bummed that her family wasn't able to come with her and cheer her on. I was so bummed for her as I know how much it means to have support at a race. Like, I tell my husband all the time, " still waiting for a cool glittery sign." Heh.

We line up near the front of the race. Remembering our last 5K together, I didn't want to be in the very front. Too much drama up there. So, we scoot ourselves just a little bit behind the front and wait for the countdown to begin and the blare of the horn. It finally goes off and we bid each other adieu and best of luck! I wish I could run with Bern, but unfortunately, we aren't each others pace. Hopefully, someday....

I'm running and chanting to myself, " Don't gun it, just stay your pace." At the same time, I'm thinking,"Man these new running shoes feel like cement blocks on my feet." F.

The run takes you through some streets of Davis and then it turns into the back trails behind houses. Miles 2.5 through 5 took place in the back trails and then it went back onto the streets of Davis.

On mile 4, my right shin was hurting and I know it's from my new shoes. I did try breaking them in earlier in the week and I felt the same way in them which was my feet felt heavy and my shins are hating them. I have already decided by the end of mile 4 that I'm returning them to Fleet Feet for another pair.

I got to see my friend, Joy midway through mile 4. Almost didn't recognize her as she was covered up big time. Joy just did the 20 mile run at the Clarksburg Country Run and finished within 4 hours. Yay, Joy!

Once, I saw her, I used her as my pacer. I just stayed right behind her and kept running along. Thanks, Joy! You don't know it, but you helped me.

Finally, I see the finish line around Mile 6 and feel the adrenaline kick in. I hear the crowd and I just want to finish.

Unofficial Time: 1:20. Eh, I was hoping to finish within 1:00 but oh wells.


Shanghaigrl said...

good job! Look at all the runs you've been doing! :) I got alot of catching up to do! hehe

Lisa said...

COngrats on finishing! Take the shoes back!!!

joyRuN said...


Edward's worth the sleep deprivation ;)

aron said...

great job girl!!! it was a very fun race i thought :) and it was collddddd!

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