Beautiful Day to be Out n' About!

Spent the day with my lovely, BFF.  

Weather has been quite confusing this week. Yesterday, it was cold and windy Today, absolutely beautiful!

Breakfast was just a multi grain english muffin with a smear of light cream cheese, a banana, and coffee. Gah, I need to learn how to drink my coffee black. I envy people that can because the creamers are messing my diet up! 

Lunch was a big ole' salad at Pluto's. 

I have no clue how many points this salad was. It was a pretty big salad that I think had 3 cups of mixed dark greens, beets, corn, cucumber, carrots, croutons (i couldn't resist), mushrooms, all mixed up in a gorgonzola vinaigrette. Oh, and a fabulous small slice of focaccia bread. 

To get an idea of how big the salads are at Pluto's, here's a picture taken from here.

 Whatever it is, it's all in my belly now. Heh. To not let me think about it, I did some shopping and came out with these pretties. 


Bern said...

maybe wean yourself off of the creamer? try adding just 1 TB per day for about a month and then after awhile 1/2 TB, etc.? I dunno. I drink my coffee black with 1 tsp of sugar, but now i'm down to just black. i figure, i already add some type of sugar to my breakfast. and then, when i do decide to splurge on a tall (not trenta!) vanilla soy latte i don't feel bad b/c it's only a once/month thing... it's hard, i know. but just think of the benefits and the end results. that always keeps me going.=)

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