Happy 2011.

Hey Folks! Happy New Year!!!!! 2011, I welcome you with open arms and hoping for the best year ever! 

This year, I made a pledge to live a healthy lifestyle. I know, this is typical cliche. But, since 2008, I've gained about 30lbs. I can list a long list of excuses, but I'm not. I'm going to take ownership and get back on track. Fortunately, I began this journey before the new year. I began taking up spinning classes at the local gym, choosing healthier choices when it comes to eating, and basically trying to feel good about myself overall. 

Running has taken a sideline, unfortunately due to personal reasons that I'm not yet ready to fully divulge. But, it hasn't stopped me from being active. I do plan on getting back into running as it's one of my favorite things to do. But, for now, I just have to put it aside sadly. 

Recently, I ran into a great deal at for a month long unlimited Bikram Hot Yoga Classes. All for $25. It was just too good to pass up, yes?

Two weeks ago, I went to my first first Bikram Hot Yoga. On Facebook, I wrote:  Ready or not, here I come Bikram yoga. Trying it out for the first time. 90 minutes of 105 degree heat. Let's hope I don't get nauseated and pull over to the side to throw up like the last time I did semi hot yoga.

Unfortunately, I did end up throwing up right after class and fortunately, outside of class. But thereafter, I was able to attend classes with no problemo's. I think I got the science down for my body on how to handle Bikram Yoga. 

My formula is to not eat 3 hours before class. Drinks plenty of water all day and a container of coconut water an hour before class. Also, have an apple right after class to help level out my blood sugar since I tend to get low blood sugar'd when I do eat for periods of time.  

I love the way Bikram Hot Yoga makes me feel. It challenges me, balances me, makes me feel good, and most of all, allows me to sweat out all the toxins away. Right now, the biggest pose that is a challenge for me is the Camel Pose. 

To bend backwards feels so unnatural to me and at the same time, creates alot of fear in me. But eventually, I know that I will be able to do this pose and when that day comes, I will be celebrating! 

Here's to hoping for a fantastic 2011. I wish nothing but positive healthy vibes to all of you!


The Green Girl said...

I'm so glad you've found a way to make Bikram work for you!

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