Weight Watcher Addict.

I think I've joined Weight Watchers about a handful of times within the last 20 years. I've done countless diets ranging from the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, to Nutrisystem. Classification: Yo-Yo Dieter. 

Being at home during the day doesn't help me neither after watching countless commercials of Jennifer Hudson's new svelte body. So, I took the plunge once again and re-joined Weight Watchers, but only this time, online. My schedule is kinda erratic, especially working night shifts. So, I'm hoping that I won't be swayed too easily. I know in the past, attending the weekly meetings helped me stay on track. Maybe if I post up my day by day meals, it will help me become more accountable and stay on track, yes? 

Right now, I'm given a daily allowance of 29 points. Seems pretty generous, but wow, after adding up the points of what I've eaten in the morning, morning snack, and lunch, I've pretty much expensed majority of my points away. For example, today's lunch consisted of the following:

2 Slices of Whole Wheat Toast (Orowheat)
1/2 Cup of Egg Salad
1/2 Serving of Trader Joe's Baked Cheeto's
1 Medium Sized Apple

 This meal was a whopping 16 points. Thankfully, fruits are zero points. So, I can fully load up on those, but man, 16 points? That's insane! This calls for a re-evaluation of what I am going to eat these upcoming weeks-months. Seriously. No freakin' joke. 


The Green Girl said...

Good luck! I'm surprised fruits (my weakness in life) are zero since they contain carbs.

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