I Survived Day One!

Phew! What a day it was to begin Day One of WW. All I have to say is that, " I Survived!" I was a little bit stressed worried that I wasn't going to meet my daily point of 29 points. After eating my morning breakfast, snack, and lunch, I had a mere 6 points left. In WW world, that pretty much equates to pinto beans, figurative speaking. But, I was determined. Oh, yes I was....

I made Baked Panko Crusted Chicken Strips using a simple recipe found on Moves and Meals. Although the recipe stated it was only going to take 25 minutes, it didn't. More like, 1 hour. I kept flipping the chicken a couple of times hoping that the panko crumbs would get browner. But, sadly, they didn't and I just said screw the look. If it taste good, it is good and that's a winner in my book, right?

 My side dishes were zuchinni and mock garlic mashed potatoes using.... get this... cauliflower!!! Holy! I was in pure heaven and didn't miss "real" potatoes whatsoever! I remember making this side dish when I was following the South Beach Diet. I enjoyed it, but I think this recipe is much, much better than the SBD recipe. It only called for 1/2 tsp of minced garlic and that small amount of garlic really rounded out the cauliflower well.

So, thankful that the new point plus in WW calls for all vegetables and fruits to be zero points. The fruits are my saving grace right now when I'm starving! 

Right now, I am itching to get back in the gym for some spinning classes as well as head to the yoga studio for some hot yoga. Unfortunately, I had a procedure done last week that is not allowing me to exercise just yet.... so frustrated!!!!


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