Something Smells Fishy.

After feeling at my " not my personal best" last week, I proclaimed profusely to the hubby that we need to eat more chicken, vegetables, and fish. He needs to stop buying a bunch of red meat just because it's on sale. Gah, men sometimes. (hehe) I'm fine with an occasional steak, but not more than twice a week. Heck no. Not having it. 

So, my lovely husband brought home these babies. All were on sale for $2 each. Could-not-believe-it! I know they aren't exactly " fresh," but they are pretty convenient when you are fiending for a fish taco. Plus one serving is 2 points in WW world. Hell to the Yeah! 

 I decided to bake the Garlic Butter flavored fish since I was making fish taco's. When I removed them from the box, I have to admit, I was a bit perplexed with the shape of the fish. So square! So compact looking. I began to imagine a big ole factory that pounds out these fish by the second. Le Sigh. That's what you get when you buy things like this, right?

But, boy! Did these produce a fabulous meal that was a 9 pts!!!! Check out the entree. As you can see, I am in love with cilantro. I served my fish taco's with some leftover cilantro-lime rice from yesterday's meal. Still tasted yummy!

p.s.  Found a trail mix granola bar recipe that I"m dying to try at Eat, Live, Run.


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