I Found the Secret Way to Eat Chipotle!

I gotta say, eating healthy is somewhat tiresome. I mean, you really gotta plan out your meals if you are determined to lead a healthy lifestyle. Well, with my lifestyle. No planning, no meals which means, eating out. Maybe I'm making it much more complicated than it really should be, yes? I tend to look for healthy recipes to keep me "interested".  Otherwise, I'm dunzo. 

Tonight's dinner I'm quite excited about. I absolutely love the Chipotle burrito bowls. I swoon over them. But, after finding out how many calories is contained in one bowl, I wanted to literally puke my brains out. So, when I discovered this recipe at Gina's Skinny Recipe's blog,  I was jumping up for joy!! Yes! Yes! Yes! 

 .Photo From Gina's Recipes.
Instead of making the Sweet Barbacoa Pork, I'm making the Puerto Rican Pork, aka, Perril, meat. Right now, the meat is slow cooking in my lovely crockpot. My mouth is going to be watering for 8 long hours. Shall I leave the house for a few? Hehe.



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