Difficult Day 2.

Man, trying to keep within 29 daily points is a pain in the bootay. Today was very difficult.  The problem. Dinner was so good, I wanted seconds and I had seconds. (ohmygodican'tbelieveisaidthat!)

But, let's start off from the beginning, shall we?

I started off with a good ole hearty bowl of oatmeal mixed with 1 tbsp of brown sugar, 1/4C of Horizon Organic Lowfat Milk, and some slices of banana. Oh, and a cup of coffee mixed with 2 tbsp of hazelnut creamer. It's the creamer that got me up in points dammit. All of this was 8 points. 

For lunch, I had a whole wheat wrap with honey ham, cheddar cheese, a little bit of mayo, and lettuce with a tangelo for fruit. It was really yummy, but I seriously need to find some whole wheat wraps with lesser points. This meal was 8 points, too! 

And then, I got curious after seeing this interesting snack found on Meals and Moves. Loved it! Maybe my favorite snack so far and I might even make this my breakfast tomorrow! It is Wasa multigrain crackers with lowfat cottage cheese sprinkled with some cracked pepper. It is deeeelish! Oh, and it's 4 points.

So, yeah if you haven't already tallied it up. I already used up 20 points, leaving me with 9 points for dinner which isn't much....again! Doh!!!

Oh, but it was all worth the seconds. 

By the time I had my seconds, I just naturally assumed that I went way beyond my daily points. So, another day, another adventure. At least, I ate pretty healthy for the most part, right? haha


janetha @ meals and moves said...

thanks for the shout out :) i love that snack! it is REALLY good to add some smashed avocado on the wasa.. or some low sodium turkey. yum.

all of your meals look great! i would have had seconds of dinner, too.

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