One of the answers to happiness is being surrounded by good friends.

Just returned from a trip filled with lots of eating, dancing, social drinking, and laughing with my college besties. Back in October, Southwest was having an awesome sale to fly to San Diego for $30 each way. It was a total spontaneous trip planned in a matter of minutes and we all managed to swoop in on it and get a flight arriving around the same time with each other. I should add that many of us came in from all parts of Sacramento, the Bay Area, and one even came from Arizona! Now, that's love, yes?

 There was tons of eating. Ugh. You can say my diet was thrown out the window. Heck, when I arrived, I drank a cold beer and shared some yummy appetizers such as tater tots, buffalo wings, nacho's, sweet potato fries, pork sliders. Oh, I did order a salad just to balance it out. It's like ordering a diet coke with an In N' Out hamburger meal. Oh yeah! It was delish!!!

We got prettied up and did some dancing in the Gaslamp district, which is party central in San Diego.
Ate some awesome Japanese Ramen and noshed on the absolute best place for desserts in the whole wide world at a place called Extraordinary Desserts! It was featured in the Food Network show, " The Best Thing I Ever Ate." 

If you are in San Diego, this is the place to go. It's very Zen like with a modern twist. You will be swooning!!!

 Now, it's back to reality of exercising, eating healthy, and going back to work. Waaaah!!!


The Green Girl said...

What an awesome, awesome trip for all of you!

That dessert place is insane. Yum!

Aka Alice said...

Glad you enjoyed my adopted hometown!

I never want a birthday cake again. I just prefer going to Extraordinary's really something, isn't it?

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